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Imagine all of your online campus needs in one place. This is your point of access to information, services and resources at College of Education, Oju. coeoju.com integrates several COE Web applications and online services into one convenient and secure location. On logon, the system will recognize you as a stakeholder (Admin Officer, student, or staff member) and present you with information, tools, and resources of special relevance to your job functions or academic pursuits. The portal is richly packed with the following features:

  • Single Sign-On:A user signs on once and has access to all his/her functionalities within the portal.
  • Easy to Use:The portal provides easy to understand and controllable menus to access the various features provided.
  • Functionalites:The functionalities of the portal include application for admission by intending candidates, registration of students, Online results automation, and so much more.

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